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Pink Crewneck

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Fijne, zachte kleuren die de oogballen strelen. Dat was het enige dat we voor ons zagen toen we deze crew ontwierpen. Mensen zullen vast zeggen van: “Is dit een zalm?!” Maar geen vissen hier hoor. Slechts de beste organisch katoenen garen die we konden vinden.

  • Made in Portugal
  • 100% Organisch Cotton
  • Hoogwaardig borduurwerk
  • Oversized fit

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Never had this many compliments about a shirt! Grab your shine people


Male Model Redouan is wearing size L in his pictures and:

  • is 180 cm in height
  • weighs 80 Kilo's
  • ain’t scared of you
  • is all about the boom boom sauce

Female model Lola is also wearing the same size L in her pictures and:

  • is 173 cm in height
  • weighs 59 Kilo's
  • will fight you for your lunchmoney
  • came in 4th place in "So You Think You Can Dance 2014"
  • did not even try to look this good in her pictures



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It’s important to realize that the three of us are angry white males in the making. This is why we need to make some sort of commitment to our surroundings because angry white men tend to to forget.

This is why we say to nature: “Let’s Dance!” To diversity we shout: ”Welcome Home!” And to a safe and responsible workplace for all involved: “You are Beautiful!”

Some of our practical decencies:

Sustainable Production: The product images in our webshop are provided with a number of labels. They are pretty explicit but for the sake of transparency we will clarify.

Product Label:
Organic: a product made out of Organically grown Cotton certified by either GOTS and/or OEKO-TEX.
Recycled: A product made out of recycled plastic bottles with a BlockChain (damn right it’s 2021) certification of our friends at Waste 2 Wear. Not to brag or anything but a pair of our swim shorts is made out of 10 recycled plastic bottles that would have killed a baby elephant in some way or another. You’ll find a QR code inside the product itself that tracks the origins of the materials it’s made of.
No Label: The remnants of a time when we were starting this business not knowing how to make a decent responsible product. Mostly products that didn’t sell that well and are in our warehouse until somebody buys it. We are working to make all of our products more sustainable so you will find less and less of these devilish products in our webshop.

Co2 Neutral Shipping: Our friends at Co2OK can neutralize the shipping of your order regarding the emission of Co2. Just click on the Co2 Neutral button in your shopping cart and your contribution will be used to fund all sorts of projects that will reduce the emission of Co2. Yes we are dodging that responsibility by placing it in the hands of the consumer. 

Personal initiatives:
inspired by our prime minister and a lack of money for cars we all ride our bike to the office. We try to eat 2 pieces of fruit every day. Our sexlives are fully consensual and non existing and everybody working with us is against genocide and racism. In winter we wear sweaters while heating the office to a maximum of 19 degrees. Fahrenheit that is.

Trying to do better without going bankrupt. The industry is pretty polluting. Right now, a lot of our production is done in Asia and you can imagine that freight shipping isn’t done by bike. This is why we are allocating production to Europe but we don’t want to stop producing in our existing factories in Asia because they are partly dependent on the money we bring in. So we do our best to produce in an organic sustainable way while paying the factory a fair price. This is why our prices are somewhat higher than at the bigger fast fashion houses. If you have any tips send us an email.

Now let’s consume as much as you can in your favorite webshop!

Pink Crewneck
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Pink Crewneck

Je Pockies worden door onze nieuwe vrienden van QLS ingepakt en vervolgens aan de snelste verzendpartij aangeboden. Alleen maar great people, maar helaas bezorgen ze niet voor een vriendelijke handdruk alleen. Het kost helaas een beetje, maar samen komen we er wel uit denk ik.

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Duitsland: 2-3 dagen.
Rest van de wereld: 2-10 dagen.

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